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Jul 18 2014

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Please take a moment and watch this video.

Holy shit

Holy shit what? Product placement over sound human values.

Wow! Who knew this was happening “GASP”. Don’t pledge anything, just stop being such shit people to your children and selves.

The reward? Because you need one to do anything in this punishment reward system. I mean if you don’t get one, you may as well have done something wrong, because you will likely suffer the guilt of not knowing.
Heck… in this system… doing something bad is better, because you aren’t left to suffer the ubiquitous aftermath of making a conscious, moral decision or initiative. You aren’t left in the dark.

Well — the reward is less shit people in the world.

This is like any hollywood blockbuster… it keeps you in suspense of your own desensitized emotions. Offering “you”, this once in a life time chance… but act now! Or you might miss out on the momentum of some dramatic music. When essentially it is offering nothing that you can’t find within yourself, at any time.

This is coming out of a heavily ‘Christian Industrialized’ country. When someone comes knocking to hand you a nice gesture or two, in exchange for your destiny. Or give you your own free will as a product of someone else’s sacrifice. You don’t say… “SURE! Sign me up! Can I pay with a blank check?”

They consume our inherent intelligence, then feed it back in tangible, bite sized pieces. Until we have just sold ourselves to a fate for a whimsical sense of bamboozlement and the treat of auto-cannibalizing your true ego.

Like looking in the mirror narcicistically finding yourself attractive because you have disassociated so badly from who you are, due to the guilt of not being deprived — of not being how the world has made you feel — ugly.


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