Hi there  — Just an inside tip/friendly reminder for those botanical minds of South Australia::

Now is a good time to begin considering and applying your plant Chemistry. Especially to potted plants whose roots have likely used up the soil (actually good time to repot)„, or those specimens in the garden with key signs of Deficiency (various yellowing of leaves and curl).

Here’s some basic/abstract Plant Chemistry Trivia Mnemonics for those who are curious (i’m self taught with a seasons experience;;; expect some misinformation).

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Potash is a Salt that is derived from burnt Plant Matter…as the name suggests. It occurs in Nature, which means that it is rather Uique to Earth. When applied (it is in a crysaline powder, that easily dissolves into a watering can) to your Plants… it helps to proliferate flowering/fruiting and general health and lushious growth.

To keep in context of my recent posts about Veganism spreading… as a Dietary Fixation… more than the traditional connection with Ahimsa (non-harming ideologies of Budism and the such.) I might like to mention that the “Potash Industry of Australia” would actually go hand-in-hand following the Deforestation Industry. As land was mass-cleared for Erosive European Farming Methods… Forests were simply reduced to Ash. Thus it was collected and sold as an Urban Garden, Plant Enhancement Chemical.

I consider it to be the essence of a plants energy, as it is rather crucial to the life-force of plants. It is a product of Photosynthesis thus it exists due to the Organic conversion of Inorganic Minerals… into Vitamins and Salts.

Potassium (and you will see these themes throughout) … in the Human System is curiously asimilar/in synchrony with Plant matter. Which shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the co-existence of Plants and Animals. However… it can creep up on you rather profoundly… Simply to consider that ‘Bananas’ are an Anti-Depressant… To then consider ‘Depression’ and anthropomorphise the analogy: Potassium makes Plants more productive and fruitful, just as it makes Humans happy, perhaps by triggering thoughtfulness and efficacy. ⚘


… has a rather fast acting and vibrant/conspicuous effect on Plants. It will promote the generation of Lush Shoots and Foliage… but shouldn’t be applied too close to Winter… as it softens up the Plant, making it suseptible to Frost. It is interesting and rather ‘Frankenstein-ish’ to add concenrated yet beneficial elements to Organisms. I noticed last year that it changed the Appearance and Nature of Plants considerably. Branches would grow long and flop right to the ground. Now… Magnesium was discovered by a Farmer’s Well… having perculiar instances of Lush Growth around it…. and apparently Theraputic Qualities. You will commonly find this being sold as ‘Epsom Salts’… now consider how it relieves and ‘relaxes’ the limbs and joints of the body. Curious right? Well… that is Nature 

In there soil there are a Myriad Chemicals/Vitamins/Minerals/Elements… which have all been in close exposure to Organisms… which would not initially be exposed to them. Thus over time and ‘settling in place’… organisms… learned to cope with these Chemicals… and then to be dependant on them. As they changed their form to cope and survive, they also became a system which utilizes these thing… Whether it be the skeletons of other Organisms… or Raw-Star-Fushion-Elements…


All I will say about Manganese as I don’t know much… is that… When looking at the leaves of your plants for signs of Deficiency… to Identify the Decifiency is not the end of the Story. You might Identify an Iron Deficiency… but if you don’t calculate a suitable dose (intuitively or via complex study)… what you’re actually doing… is Saturating a Plant… with one concenrated element. Thus… it will literally be too full of one element… to Osmotically absorb a balanced quantity of other. Thus to ‘over-treat’ one deficiency… you can easily cause another. Or ‘Nutrient Burn’ … if you choose to apply too much of a broad-range Fertilizer, rich in a well balanced variety of necessary (known) elemental components.


Sunscreen for Plants… it can help with ‘Little Leaf’, ‘Leaf Curl’ and a Particular form of Yellowing… of the Leaves between Veins. 


This is the last one I will talk about/share my sporadical knowledge on… As this is more an exercise of getting you thinking about Plant Chemistry, rather than a Cheat Sheet… or comprehensive table (easily sourced online). You will find Copper in use for many purposes… at Higher Dosages… you will find it sold as ‘Draino’… for Killing the progress of roots in drain-systems. Also… most Anti-Algae products esp. for Pools… will Utilize Copper as the active ingredient. Then lastly… it can be used on plants to prevent mildew (esp on Citrus)… and make your plants less suseptible to infestation/affliction — it is essential for growth. When applied at lower dosages than for ‘drain maintenence’ of course. Very little — comparably for Healthy Plant Chemistry (to relieve a deficiency) needs to be added to a Swimming Pool… to control Algae. Thus… buying Copper in Bulk for one use that requires a large ammount, can easily save you… if you then learn how to use it for a range of it’s other uses. Lastly the animal connection. Humans have ‘Red Blood’… pretty normal right? Well when the Earth was very Toxic… during Volcanic, Meteoric Disturbance… Creates that adapted to surviving in the Oceans (for example)… such as the Horse-Shoe Grab… actually did so by having ‘Copper-based blood’… which is interesting when to think of some ideas about Aliens… as this Blood is Blue… comparatively to ‘Iron-based blood’… being of course… rust Red.

Actually… I will mention … for the sake of Vegans…

Cobalt!!! *chuckles — I actually know the most about this!*

To be concise though:

Cobalt is used in Victorian Era Pottery… and also it was supposedly Leonardo Da Vinci’s favorite color.. ‘Cobalt Blue’. It is a Metal element found in the Earth… which is the color it is known for (funnily enough). The interesting thing… is how it exists to Organisms… Plant and Animal alike:

You might hear people say that ‘B12 Can only be obtained from eating Animals… and it is essential to Healthy Growth…’… yet magically… Vegans live? And somehow … Herbivorous animals.. contain/concentrate Vitamin B12 … which happens to be called ‘Cobalamin’.. as it is the result of ‘Cobalt’ within an Organic Metabolism… Also soil bacteria synthesize Cobalamin from Cobalt.. such as those of the Root Nodules of Leguminous plants.

The old adage/idea of “licking one’s plate clean” is rather curious to think about now though — right? Maybe you didn’t get enough of what you need?

It is only needed to exist in micro-gram traces across a vast area to meet sufficient requirements for plant and animal growth. Legume crops will fail without it… and Calfs will not function/form properly and will die. It is vital to development across the board in Humans too… Eye-sight… Heart Function… et cetera… of course for a complex and vareity of reasons as diverse as our organs are 🙂 Vegans can find a sufficient ammount from the Plant Source of Barley Malt Extract, which happens to be added to a fast ammount of processed foods (cereals)… for the very reason that Salt is Iodized… it is a National Health directive… that companies which reap great profit from their popular consumption… also provide people with Vital Essential Minerals and Vitamins in their products. You can find it in bulk as produced by ‘Saunder’s  „,

 I like to add it to Banana-Berry smoothies… to treat my Deficiency! Because unlike Plants… I am equiped with ambulating limbs and junk. ⚘

On a final and weird note… avoid the Artificially produced B12 :: supplement tablets that are ‘Cyano-Cobalamin’… Cyanide is actually released by Organic matter when it is burnt… however… you don’t reeeally want to be supplementing your diet with it too regularly. The funny thing is that Smokers are already so saturated with it, that it doesn’t osmotically transfer as rapidly/much… thus they probably won’t notice the Headaches or Nausea.

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