By: s2darkling

Sep 15 2014

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This is heartbreaking footage. This Indigenous kid is being ripped from her mum, the kid pleading not be taken away and asking what she has done wrong. Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generation means jack shit if Indigenous families are still being ripped apart in 2014.

As Pilger noted in his Guardian article earlier this year, our Aboriginal population makes up 2.5% of the overall population but makes up 33% of children removed from homes. As of June last year 14,000 Indigenous kids had been removed. We spent an enormous $80 million on surveillance of our Indigenous communities but only $275,000 on supporting the same Indigenous communities. Just last week SBS reported that police turned up in riot gear in the middle of the night to take some Indigenous kids away from their parents. They not only handcuffed the parents at gunpoint but allegedly the grandfather and aunt next door.

It might be less explicit but this is the stolen generation again. Just as insidious and just as racist.

FUCK this country


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