By: s2darkling

Sep 17 2014

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Well they won’t be having that ‘Talk’ .. in a language other than this.

And that is what slips by people’s attention…

The people who ask “How are they oppressed?” “How have they been destroyed?”

Yet is the fact you can so clearly understand this person… a testament to education… or something to be sad about.

Do I need to state that I am not excited for group think.


Don’t get me wrong, I love what is being said. The part at 19minutes is brilliant.

However… it is the same story. To not understand this person.. would be beautiful. Because then I would have to change my mind… and think. Absolutely listen and feel out a new language… on a most meaningful and sentimental level.

Otherwise it is just a bit of trivial banter. Substance — lost in translation. only revealed in gem stone analogies. “Apply your Physics and Botany to our Spirituality”.


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