The one time I go on Facebook and I see this

Look at the look on that kid’s face. He’s 8 and he’s already dead inside…

Pretty sure this should be a cloaked Gov website and any Parent who purchases one for their Child… should be stripped of their Parental rights… and for their Child to gain a Law Counselor in their life… who is there for them, to listen to their problems and advise or penalize Parents. Also the Parents should be required to attend a community group and receive Parenting Counseling.

Why is it that Children are punished in western society, because of poor Parenting?

I know the thing is a joke… but it almost isn’t… because in America…you can bet there would be plenty of messed up people who think of themselves as Righteously Normal.Whom would actually do this to their kid… because of their “religion” of hysteria+ superiority complex.


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