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Sep 21 2014

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The Atlantic Cities: 

“How One of Latin America’s Best Urban Parks Got Built in Just 3 Years

Ana Arana. Jan 31, 2014

AGUASCALIENTES, Mexico — Jessica Lopez, a four-year old with a shy smile, has suffered severe chronic asthma attacks since she was born. Her condition always worsened in the fall, when dust rose up from the abandoned fields that bordered her family’s modest one-room house.

Last year, city officials here turned those dusty fields near Jessica’s house into a gleaming park with trails, playgrounds and shaded pavilions. Then in the fall, something remarkable happened in the Lopez home: Jessica’s asthma attacks did not come. It’s impossible to say that the park is what turned Jessica’s health around. But her mother has no doubts. The park, Maria del Refugio Lopez insists, saved Jessica’s life.”

Photo: Ags Prensa

everthing is turning into houses. we are making an ant mound. this is hope for humanity


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