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Sep 21 2014

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there was this Silver Mt.Zion Vinyl I was always after…
everytime I went into a Record shop (usu. Big Star)… i’d ask after it, or look for it. even at the same shop.

not quite sure why.

my only regret when I was buying Vinyl… was missing a ‘Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records’ Compilation off Ebay… I was in a ‘Genuine’ kind of mood… and only really validated Concept Albums. But after it finished… and I had some contact with the Label (also  Mylene Sheath, sent me Christmas Cards every Year… after I purchased my first non Salvos/Thrift Vinyl: their Caspian LP press)…

I took a second look at this Compilation… with a Mix of awesome bands and one’s I didn’t know as well… tied together with Twine and Love… and I just kind of miss it not being mine. Hahaha. It barely sold for a crumpet… I think about it quite a bit actually.

Just as a connection in the world. Also… not sure why.

There is also a Raein shirt… I consider to be a Holy Relic…
I had my eye on it… and it sold for like 80+ bucks (actually think it was more like 110+)… I was all “sweet… 5 bucks… this is going to be miiineee!”

It had these neon subtle pastel sea critters on it… and I love it.

I love thoughtfulness and to me it isn’t a HUGE shirt design that makes  a  novelty of a band.

If I went to a gig and the band I liked… had a Polo shirt (the old ones with collars and breast pocket) and there was a little symbolic thing embroidered on the breast pocket. I’d actually be happy… even though I don’t wear those shirts hahah…

But … It is so difficult to find clothes with cute little subtle gestures… and that is what I can append my love to. Not some skateboarding dinosaur…


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