By: s2darkling

Sep 28 2014

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Someone who uses words of other languages to appear more mysterious when all they are really saying in literal terms is I am a “rain-lover” in their own language.

The English of the Latin of Greek.
It is essentially a simplified Algebra.

“Longifolia” means “Long Leaf” but “Long Leaf” also means the same thing.

Innocent enough? Yet Aboriginal people are mocked for their words … Even though the English people mocking them, aren’t even preferential to their own language when it comes to Science.

Why… in Australia… do we not use the Aboriginal words… when talking “Scientifically” — about Native things? Is the wisdom and knowledge of other, more regional and topically relevant cultures… not a Science?

The Language is Lost… the Wisdom disregarded… then the Science… is an Unnessary Algebra of figuiring out what something meant… in the Absence of the People whom could have taught you… properly.


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