Apparently some vegans are telling people not to eat honey to support bees.


Buy honey (local if possible) -> support beekeepers -> support bees.

I swear people don’t even think this stuff out. 
Beekeepers provide bees with an environment in which they can live, and are encouraged to thrive. Bees then have a big huge giant person who can deal with any threats to the hive. 
Yes, honey is a winter food supply for bees, but beekeepers (unless they’re dicks, in which case they’d be shooting themselves in the foot) will NEVER take too much honey from a hive, and will always ensure that bees have enough food. Think about it, you’re not going to starve a source of income/hobby, are you?

So now.
Support beekeepers.
Support bees.


I had to reblog just for “DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW BEES WORK?” because it made me realize that some people really don’t!

save them


Yeeeahh.. Save the Bees “from themselves” aka ‘Colony Collapse Syndrome’. Totes has nothing to do with people… these Bees are merely collapsing in on themselves. A natural, scientific observation made by uninvolved Humans. Merely herding the Bee cattle. Bee Shepards if you will.


It is great that you care. But firstly… Vegans shouldn’t be telling/dictating what people must do. They can only inform others and let them make their own well comprehended choices.

Our whole super market industry is set up, so that anything which hinders a profit, is manipulated and superficially altered — call it ‘healthy competition’, or ‘clever marketing’. But what gets in the way of profit, can be described as ‘ethics’… or common sense and decency.

I will get to the point, but first. A jar of pickles… can be said to have been “Made in Australia”… yet, tracing all ingredients back to their origins. You can conclude that it is the Jar and Label that is made in Australia. Everything else, in-terms of the consumed item, is from elsewhere (all of the cheapest viable sources of each component).

When you buy ‘Kelloggs Cornflakes’ not only are you eating something that contains Fish Extract. You are not buying ‘Cornflakes grown by Kelloggs’… you are buying Cornflakes, sure… but they are sourced from a selection of farmers whom have chosen to sell in bulk. They will get less money for their produce, but they will atleast get some money… in a market place that is very small. Only offering exposure to the public, through a handful of corporate shop fronts.

What “Kelloggs” product is… is not the Corn Flakes… those are the Farmers Product. Kelloggs product, is simply the box, the adverts, the words, the concept, the idea of ‘Kelloggs Cornflakes’. It is all of the colours and tricks, that fool your mind into thinking it is eating sunbeam flakes of Jesus Dandruff.

When ‘Civilised’ people settled in Australia and erradicated the Native Inhabitants, this did not stop with Aboriginal/Indigenous People. The Natural Environment was systematically whiped out.

Almost every Genus of flowering plant in Australia, had its’ own unique polinator. For example… in the Belair National Park, there are 60 species of Native Orchids. Orchids are polinated by Native Wasps. The Orchids actually look like other Wasps, to Wasps looking for a feed and a mate. They exist for one another. Symbiotically.

A simple Wikipedia search will reveal that ‘Australia “has over 1,500 species of Native Bee”. Please identify that what you are talking about, is an industry that exists for the soul purpose of feeding Humans. These ‘Bees’ are common because we are common. They are European Honey Bees… They are invaders to the Native Landscape… and they do not symbiotically co-exist with Native Flora.

The only reason they are used, it because they yield the greatest ammount of Honey…. QUANTITY! As always. Even if there are Native Honey Bees… nobody is willing to invest in something, that is not proved to ‘pay off’ in the same capitalist way — in a Capitalist Society.

In Jacaranda bell flowers, you may often find a small tear at the base of the flower, the underside of where it connects to the tree. This tear is created by the European Honey Bees, whom are not suited to polinating this kind of plant. To get to the nectar, they found it easier to tear a hole in the flower… than to reciprocate with the Jacaranda and follow the messages of the design. The markings that can be seen in UltraViolet and the shape/triggers of the plant.

Just to get you thinking. Borage is a companion plant of Strawberries and Cabbages. The Cabbage moth has an image in its’ mind of what leaves it is looking for. The Borage plant confuses the searching/image recognition process of the Moth and distracts it from laying eggs on those plants we intend to eat.

Nature… knows how to exist.

Beekeepers travel around to service and polinate the Human Agriculture industries. This is how fields of most things fruit and seed. European Farming methods, have had a devistating impact on the Native Environment of Most places that are not Europe. Well — more of a devistating impact. Everything done by landcare initiatives are often done, to combat the Human Impact that goes on, right along side these projects. One property away — the same devistation that every piece of Science has concluded up to this date, is mismanagment of Life, Land and Future — it is still going on.

These Bees for one… are slaves to the same Humanity, that just doesn’t give a flying fuck. The commonest of Humanity.

Colony Collapse Syndrome … sounds innocent enough? Right… the Bee Colonies are just ‘Collapsing’. Just like… Youth of today are just Collapsing under the weight of ‘their own’ Anxiety and Depression.

Well no… the same reason that Vegan is Synonymous with Organic, which is simply just ‘Growing Food without Poison that is (-cide) designed to KILL’. Is the same reason that Vegans do not eat Honey. 1. Yes it is an Animal Product. The Bees are attracted to feed on flower Nectar, the flowers rub pollen off onto the Bees, the Bees polinate other flowers. The flowers are fertilized and fruit, the fruits fall and the fruit provides nutrients, for the seeds to wholesomly form a new plant. 2. Yes it is cruel, even by Human Standards… how it is Farmed.

European Farming Slave Bees are dying… because of the massive ammounts of Pesticides and Herbicides, apathetic to their plight; which are sprayed over fields of human food/produce. Fields are so vast and unchanging, that the Bees simply explode/die of exhausting and heat-stroke… trying to traverse over the endless plains. From work, to home. European Bees, when positioned at a feeding area, consume a VAST ammount of water. Barrels of it, is left out by the Bee Keepers.

There is nothing Natural about this. This is a means to servicing a bloated and greedy form of mass producing QUANTITY<  not Quality.

Roses do not have scents, now that humans have engineered them. Fruits do not have flavor, unless aritifical and packaged sweets. Food Nutrition is depraved and people are deficient in Life!

GM foods have simply turned Natural Foods, into Organic Packages for Water… and what ever other Junk they Dumped into the Soil… after depletion. Poisons, artificial fertilizers that are the ground up offal of the Meat Industries, Road-way Pollution, Animal Excrement that has not naturally broken down or cultured healthy bacteria. All filtered back to some sort of normality by our most ancient ancestors… Plants. They are organisms that convert the inorganic, harsh world into something than can sustain humanity. Calcium/Limestone/Chalk is the ancient bodies of Coral and Shells. Organic Matter is Life! Organisms have converted the harsh world… Humanity converts Life… into shit. We collect and concentrate eco-toxic chemicals and explosive/unstable mixtures, to drop on each other. To use against life. To destroy and kill… as a solution for us to ‘Live’ so soullessly.

Round-Up-Ready GM Canola… has been Genetically Modified. You might assume this was done for a Substantial Reason. It is very serious to mess with Nature for no apparent reason. Well no… it is purely superficial. It is profit driven.

Recently there was a case where a Organic Farmer was forced to pay the Coporation whom market and promote Round-Up-Ready GM Canola…. because he was ‘Growing their GM Crop without a Lisence’. They did not care that their crop had blown into and contaminated his Organic Canola. No they simply out payed him in a court case and he lost, based on rhetoric and obfuscation.

Round-Up-Ready Canola has only been Genetically Modified so the plant can withstand more exposure and saturation of the chemical herbicide, Round-Up. So that farmers can be less cautious about how much they spray on their fields to ‘kill weeds’.

This… this is an industry of negligence and selfishness. If Australia was serious about farming this way. Why wouldn’t there be a NATIONWIDE program to ERADICATE, pest, accidentally and whimsically imported weeds. No… they would rather leech the cost of fighting an endless battle and allow the poisoning of the population — slowly, gradually and stealthily promoting ignorance.

If these Poisons Kill the weeds and do their job so well. Then why must they be applied, every single season! Negligence and feebleness. Nobody wants to work together, because nobody trusts each other to split to ‘profit’ fairly. Nobody wants to tackle the problems once and for all, because there is no profit in solving the problems. Government in every way — when the Public Voices a Problem. What do they do??? They recognize there is a problem, they posutlate about it, they setup whole institutes to ‘recognize the problem’… they form commitees about it, hold conferences… and aslong as the problem remains. As it is often a problem that people can only solve with compassion and care, open mindedly. They can leech off it.

Rather than solving the problems… we will change Nature itself… (intentionally) not for any reason of beauty, well being or sustenance. No… simply we will chance it to be more resistant to a world we are making toxic. Slowly but surely, only the Human Tampered Nature, will survive out toxic rain, our toxic foodsteps, our toxic way of survivng our own hate and war.

Nutrition rich food, provides Humans with proper brain development. Any properly developed Human Brain, can be Genius! Ask yourself why people don’t care if they are offering a flavorless, deficient, mildly toxic, antagonistic food — for your Money. Why would they care, if you are becoming too stupid, to care. Or too stupid to do anything about this?

I agree — SAVE the BEES. All of them! Diversity is the true beauty of Nature and Evolution. Humanity is currently negligent and ignorant of its’ purpose to be the Guardian of all Life on Earth//in this Galaxy. We are maturing as a overlord — we are still only caring about our own survival.

Many people have jobs that exist to be subversive to recognized psycological habits of people. Whole industries are in place to entice people to buy one thing or another. They will go out of their way, to do their job. Even if their job is to conceal the truth. Because it is the truth, that stops someone from buying one thing over another…. not price (if they can afford to live well, to have well being and to promote community health).

Companies will put on a packet what you want to hear, what is popular at the time. They will not adversite to you the things that are sub-par, the things that are down right disturbing. In doing so, they are not allowing you to make an informed decision, based on your common sense and desency. They are not allowing you, your innocence.

If your Sunsilk Conditioner makes your hair ‘Puppy-Dog’ soft. It is probably because it is made in Indonesia. Where Animal Shelter Euthenization bins are raided for Puppy/Kitten/Animal fats, to use in these products. Some Vegans know to keep an eye out for ‘Stear-’ ‘Cetyl-’ prefixes. Although, to confuse the matter… Science will say that ‘Stearic Acid’, with ‘Stear’ being derived from the greek word ‘Tallow’, meaning Animal Fat. Can “‘Actually’ be sourced from Vegetables”. Simply because Chemistry adopted this word to relate to a fundamental Chemical configuration.

But think about it… Who in their right mind, would allow a Prefix that literally means “ANIMAL FAT” to be also ‘derived from Plants’. How confusing do you want to make things for people? Sure the ingredients to a product are mostly found on the label… but they are purposedly complicated and not all-inclusive of products used to create these resulting ingredients. i.e. In Vegan products, you can still find ‘Stear-’ and ‘Cetyl-‘, yet these are garunteed to be from Vegetable sources. If a company cannot verify that their product is ‘Vegan’ aka without Animal Byproducts, you can guess why not.

Anyway — Back to European Honey Bees!

“It takes 300 Bees about Three Weeks to gather 450g of Honey”

“A successor queen  is selected by a human instead of the reigning queen—both of whom may have been “artificially inseminated.” “Queens can live for as long as five years but most commercial beekeepers replace them every two years”

“It’s not unusual for larger honey producers to cut off the queen bee’s wings so that she can’t leave the colony or to have her artificially inseminated on a bee-sized version of the factory farm “rape rack.””

“During the Autumn and Winter a guard is often placed over the entrance to the hive. Usually, the bees drag their dead out of the hive, but the mouse guard often prevents this from happening. Beekeepers are warned, “it is helpful to remove any pileup of dead bees behind the guard once or twice during the winter”.”

“Large commercial operations may also take all the honey instead of leaving the 60 pounds or so that bees need to get through the winter. They replace the rich honey with a cheap sugar substitute that is not as fortifying.”

Death of Bees by their Selfish Exploitation aka Colony Collapse Syndrome.


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