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Oct 23 2014

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

Well it was apparently 37 degrees and I was driving 4-Hours before jumping into action… I did alright considering I currently weight 2kg less than in Primary School.

Anyways — mostly clearing the invasive grasses to give this revegetation site some breathing room, but also brought 300L of water up for them too ‘{•‿•)

Despite it being so hot the motor didn’t want to start or keep running without cool off times. I only managed to burn myself on the Whipper Snipper because of wielding it with one arm like a boss.

Also no King Brown Snakes sighted. However I did spot a Bluetongue Lizard — trundling through the farmers crops; wobbling the tops like a cutesy lil Dinosaur.

Top photos are Left facing(not-done) Bottom are Right facing(doone) Top-top is the new Sign with Spider-Friend.

Managed half as much as I was planning on… however I did lock my Keys in the rental the Night before my second days attempt. Aaaannd completely forgot the Council dropped a Water Trailer off for meee… went hunting down the Showgrounds — ringing up local wardens.

Misplacing Weight sucks when you greatly dislike Eating… or people talking about Eating. Going up by myself was lots of fun… and I accomplished quite a bit anyway. I probably could have done this whole area if I didn’t get over ambitious the first day — driving a few Km up the Track and starting from there, working back.

Yeah I guess that was my Trip away to the Flinders Region of SA. Lots of pretty Birds & making them Future-Homes.


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