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Nov 09 2014

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that is bubble soap. someone has made a tragic mistake

Let me tell you a story.

My mom had a hot tub, she traded a refrigerator for it. One day the water needed changed, and I went to her, the darling teenager that I was, and said, “Mom, can we put bubble bath in the hot tub?”

She looked at me like I’d lost my damned mind, a look that I got from my mom a lot.

“But, mom, we’re going to be changing the water!,” I insisted. 

She told me I could, so I called all of my friends, because dear god I was putting bubble bath in the fucking hot tub, and this might be the best thing I’d done in my entire life. And with a full size bottle of bubble bath in hand we all got in the hot tub, I upended the whole bottle, and turned on the jets. 

The bubbles started rising at an alarming rate, soon I could see nothing but bubbles because they’d engulfed my head. There was much laughter as we all got buried in the foam. After awhile I finally stood up. There were three feet of solid bubbles towering above the hot tub, the deck looked about like the picture above, there were bubbles in the trees, and wafting into my neighbors’ lawns. Everything was bubbles, and to date it still might be the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. 

I’m adding this to my bucket list

If this is a story, you should really start with “My mum had a refrigerator…” otherwise you had a Spa-bath in a Fridge and that is wack.


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