By: s2darkling

Nov 11 2014

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Today in Solidarity (11/10/14): Residents in Ferguson are preparing for the worst. Riot gear vs wooden boards… #staywoke #farfromover

Yo —— they are spending alot of Money… hoping you will Riot at the appropriate time (when the offensive verdict is made)… Why validate their expenses. When it is the fact that they employ Riot tactics that is causation.

Why not… wait a week.. then when they are all done being shammed for spending money on making a military presence within their own country, more than they spend on fixing social problems and education… go out and show support for your cause — after the fly-ins have flown out???

Why walk into a trap for the sake of someone going “told you so — we need more riot funding in future, look at the damage they did to the paint job of our vehicles… see, you said we didn’t need vehicles… look at how much tear gas we were forced to use. they (civilians) have an abhorrent disrespect for an abusive and exploitive authority.”

It has been proven that the Police are on the side of the KKK, just by looking which way they face at a Protest. It is proven that the Police are above the law and above justice… by force of the cowarding gerontocracy.

Just be smart.


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