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Nov 23 2014


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I was amazed when I learned this in my cultural anthropology class during my freshman year of college. 

If you have a biology textbook around, flip to the section about reproduction, read it and carefully pay attention to how the textbook describes male versus female reproductive systems. 

Often we find a gender bias in a section that’s supposed to be scientifically neutral. Gender bias is more prevalent in older textbooks. For example, some textbooks describe the egg as “passive” and “large” while giving adjectives such as “strong & efficiently powered” to describe sperm. In essence they play the egg as a damsel in distress while giving the sperm a knight in shining armor role. 

Another way they are bias is in the fact that some textbooks will say that it’s a mystery as to why there are 7 million egg germ cells in the female embryo but most of them degenerate and die off. But they do not label the trillions of sperm in the male reproductive system that never go on to fertilize an egg as “wasteful.” 

In fact textbooks go on to glorify the male reproductive system for producing millions of sperms all the while stating that the “female sheds only a single gamete each month.”

I could go on and on, read this paper published in Chicago Journals for more information. 

This is fucking ridiculous. I am so sick and tired of people so desperately searching for this shit. It’s fucking pathetic. 

FIrst of all, this isn’t one of those “damn, what the hell is wrong with tumblr finding sexism in everything”.

This is widely accepted, hence why it’s being taught in a college course. 

Please click on the source, if a publication in an actual journal isn’t good enough for you, look at these posts in the Albany College of Medicine & Discovery

Guess what? Science is a field full of bias, and as a science student the more you study it the more you’ll realize it. It doesn’t exempt sexism or even racism. Remember when Stephen Jay Gould mismeasured skulls to fit into his racist viewpoint that white people are “superior”? Scientists twist around words, theories and experimental data to fit into their narrow viewpoint, all the time

Just read the content of the article, instead of jumping too conclusions about how this is all too radical, because when a little girl sees males being held in a superior light in a science textbook of all places, she gets horribly discouraged. 

Your problem is trusting University Students to not have Bias (post-grad…). When the Bias exists in ACTUAL journals and textbooks. So that is hardly the holy grail of proofs.

Anyway… I’m here to point out what a projected confirmation bias looks like:

In fact textbooks go on to glorify the male reproductive system for producing millions of sperms all the while stating that the “female sheds only a single gamete each month.”

1. In fact

2. Not quoting what lead you to believe in a ‘glorification’

3. Stating however, the precise and thus factual proof of your bias.

The vagueness of your lack of proof in one instance, essentially lending the sense of its’ apparent dodgy status. Whilst the ‘factual’ manner in which you present your prefered bias, adds a sense of … glory? Shall we say… to your ‘finding’.

Which… out of your context, the statement is proof of nothing and thus why it must be quoted in context to mean anything.

Here I will put it into a different context by adding it into a sentence as though it belongs:

Males waste millions of sperm whilst the superior female(,) sheds only a single gamete each month.

And there is an example of how confirmation bias, will ultimately be counterproductive… for those seeking out a honest truthfulness, in a clinical manner that goes against the polite etiquettes bred of ‘taboos’.

It also hopefully highlights a smidge of how, putting a side the etiquettes that actually protect insecurities (often of the antagonist or dominant)… is like open heart surgery. If you choose to perform surgery on a particular subject/patient… do not start poking their organs for fun. It is a time where your reputation is just as vulnerable as they become.

If you have chosen to fight a social norm, realize that it is also a time to be gentle with your tools, as the motions you make… are sensitive to all people on some level.

Thus — this being unusual. I suppose the cause is in the University Method… of needing the invested interest of making a bold statement, or having an argument that gets you above others… to have the insentive to put together truthful pieces of information. With the treat of being able to make some judgements in conclusion.

This is however, not the best method… if Judgement… is your target issue.


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