By: s2darkling

Nov 26 2014

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story goes… I had designed this pipe from smoke signals in the city. I was underage so it was great. picked every single piece myself… from mouth piece to cone with an actual stoker! (wow at the time)…  thus it was named Old Stokey

years passed and ol’ stokey long pipe ended up living in my FuBu jeans, hidden side pocket. (that will never in my life fit me, EVER.)

it was my Birthday and I had been awake a few days drinking. we had a camp fire in my surburban backyard. I hadn’t slept another night… we were down glenelg. I see a bottle in the gutter and decide to break it because i’m an idiot — right before our bus was arriving. right across the road from two officers I didn’t notice.

aanyway, they made me pick it up — which was fair enough. but then preceded to pat me down. because it was a campfire long weekend… I was dressed in metal homie by FuBu. I had these old jeans on… and behold if Old Stokey wasn’t hiding out in them.

they find it… and I end up getting booked into some rehad therapy session at a Church… rehab? I hadn’t used it in a good .. 6 months and was the only person in my group of friends, actively avoiding drugs (it’s sad when your friend says how they know they have changed and how they don’t like it).

couple weeks later and my dad takes me — I end up at this obscure Church. I’m nervous — even though it really doesn’t relate to me. Meet this guy… we sit in his office… I tell him that I don’t smoke or anything… he says “well you should bake your weed instead of smoking it, it is healthier like that’… and sends me on my way… now thinking about making some dope cookies.


kind of like the time my old man found my bong… and decided the best place to hide it… was in the Alcohol Cupboard…. LOL — no dad… i’m going to be looking there anyway. I base how good my grades are, off how many weekends I was drunk in a school term. after finding out that the less I care, the better my results.

or… how my friends would say they left their phones at my house when i was away, to get at some of our two pounds in my teddy draw.(close-close friends). you’d open that draw… and my room would just pong — wow.

oh the stories of a summer time, perhaps maybe — for another time..


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