do you think people who agree with the grand jury decision in ferguson are horrible racists who deserve to die? are they all alike neo-nazis and ku klux klan members? it’s just, i’m really sorry, but i kind of think the grand jury did make their decision based off of the evidence provided, and i feel really guilty about it. is it really a horrible thing to think?

By: s2darkling

Nov 27 2014

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yes pls unfollow me

tbh the store footage looked dodgy — he was handing boxes of stuff to his mate, then dropping them. etc etc it seemed sus

then I imagine… walking home… cop has a word — maybe the lady in the shop accused him and he was still pissed about it.

the evidence… is not circumstantial though… when the case is not about …  whether or not the victim had attitude, or was a criminal.

no it is about police brutality and it is about whether or not murder is justifyable —- it is about holding a case. not dismissing that there is no grounds to even hold a trial?  _ ?

even if the gun was reached for… it is known that at the time, the victim and the criminal cop were not near each other. he was on his knees, hands in the air. he was shot in the back. this was not necessary… no matter if all the defamations are correct.

witnesses are witnesses. it was broad daylight, in the middle of an open street. the officer was not fighting for his life… he was commiting a hate crime.

any court — post convicting war crimes against people during freaking war time when murder is beyond law. that cannot convict a hate crime… should not be operating as a benchmark of justice, or law.


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