By: s2darkling

Nov 27 2014


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gatic replied to your post “no wonder I was terrible at science… that giggle fit just reminded me…”

if you’re feeling nostalgic I can take you out back and throw bricks at your face if you like

that reminds me. highlights of school camp. someone found a grub in a log and ate it. cow pats were flung on sticks and hit a kid in the head… *looks at teacher — teacher shrugs trying not to laugh at him*…

someone taunts bull with their red shirt… next thing we hear that the bull escaped, breaking through the fence

actually that was all my same friend… haha.

my idea was.. a group of boys n girls; we all linked hands… I knew that the person on the end would get electrocuted when the first person touched the fence… but they passed it on.

my sister had convinced me to touch an electric fence once before “it doesn’t hurt” haha I remember walking in like I had been punched in the back of the head by a lightning ninja

also we were allowed to bring one camp ‘junk food’ thing with us… I pleaded my parents for a jar of milkyway (kinda like nutella)… and it was worth it

aww yiss


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