By: s2darkling

Nov 27 2014

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no wonder I was terrible at science… that giggle fit just reminded me that pretty much every class I would be laughing at my teacher. crying of laughter…

school was hysterical.

primary school was a mix between socializing and detention for me. we’d play games like… at lunch.. all the boys would run out to the garden area where the big handball shed was (when not playing in the shed)… we’d grab what ever miscelaneous earthen object we could find.. bricks, rocks, branches.. one group lobbing at the other, the other lobbing them back — both unseen. the game was to not get hit.

actually.. now that I think about it. I used to do this thing with darts… me and my friend would stand on the lawn… with a handful of about 5-8 darts… and just throw them directly up above us… not looking.

they would always just land in a cricle around. the other friend would spot, but never necessary enough to be a spotter.


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