By: s2darkling

Nov 28 2014

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I can tell it isnt good though. If all my muscles weren’t compensating. Who knows.

I can tell because of how tetchy I am. Anybody does aaanything — my instantaneous reaction is the cower into ” you mean to up set me “.. like a companion animal when seeing an item their owner has used threateningly.

I think most people associate their pains into psychology… invest them into people as if they were sentiments.

However… I know my body… and I dun fucked up.

I think the main issue for others with pain… is if the issue was caused by another. Because all of the negative psychology can’t so easily be denied and in being validated… it can manifest. Or perpetuate bodily agitations.

Alot of people like travelling back to superstitious times… blaming all ailments on intentions of other beings.

With both sides believing they are cause & effect… it breeds itself.

But in a clinical society… thanks alot to greek physicians…and philosophers ( Not exclusively of course ).

That spiral has less hold on people 🙂


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