Sooooo — anybody know a really good spine place In radelaide?

They need ultrasound so I can see what is going on.

I lifted this 90cm by 60cm -piece of solid concrete, to waddle into my car. A seat made to look like a tree trunk — for my Fairy Garden.

Then the marks in the gravel made sense facing this way ” dibs on this — be back soon”

Putting it back down gently; messed me up.

(Or it was carrying 4 bags of potting mix infront of me)

GP says the sore lump under my belly button is just my spine lol. And he isnt used to skinny ppl so cant tell me much.

It has been radiating paid through my guts for a couple months now. Messing up my digestion and breathing. Ive lost 2kg below my normal minimum weight. Which is now where my weigh reverts back to.

I can feel how sore my vertebrae are through my stomach. But only through my back if I dig a bit.

Its like a hot stone constantly sitting in my guts. With all my wisdom teeth being a-holes.. it isnt much fun.

Moved a couch and timber desk out of the house and ive dug like 80+holes with a mattock into rocky soil. So it isnt terminal…

My vertebrae is inflammed still and im guessing it has fused to the one near it a little.

It is just messing up me gizzards.

v – v

S C I E N C E  !


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