By: s2darkling

Dec 03 2014


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I’ve got two words for you/// they are not impolite — or harsh as a rant… they are as society should be — unintrisive and translatable to the differences that blom our nature; diversity is beauty. To elaborate is to detail the meaning…

To say two words on the premise that they are only two words — regardless if they are firsly comprised of compound forms… regardless of whether on their own, they are an infinitesimal and quantified by another into a realm of complex connotations. You might know or not, but not so much unknow if your central nervous system is not one to push out the splinter cell, the shard of glass — lest it cut like a tax does not, harmlessly, compassionately.

A concept of two words they are… no I will not pretend that conciseness is more polite than the scrupules of substance conveyed — truthfully.

Lest I do pretend that two words are harmless, compassionate in their simplicity… pretend they are not a spliter of sorts. Yet I however.. will tell you a thing… reassured it is merely two words … that in this instance are more like a sphere… so perfectly forged together… regardless if they were golden — sameness. They are not, nor are they a knot of two words, needing to be untied to be understood… or uncorked an sos to be read — the air that was coordinates, lost.

It could have been in a song, of someone elses actually… it could have been a whole novelty of a book, sold cheaper than blank journals…or tree. It could have been a poem before now… but it is what it has been promised — a creation, one step away from normal, it may aswell have been the next word on your tongue… yet lets call it my creation, like my soul is society itself and this language is my own invention — ahem:

Soliquidating Emotions


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