By: s2darkling

Dec 05 2014

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Heeeyy everyone — just a friendly reminder that USA defoliated whole forests of Vietnam with Agent Orange… 45 Years ago and they havn’t given a hint of compensation or aid for the horrific aftermath.

Oh — but just remember — they are trying to help everyone 🙂

Their idea of sending Aid to Iraq??? Well that was literally crates of American Dollar Bills (hail mary), seen on Australian News at the time… blowing around in the wind.

Their idea of investing in a new Iraq — that was hiring mercenaries to deflect liabilities/culpability if anyone takes them to cause for their intended courses of action. “Oh yes, this mercenary did a Bad — they will be punished with a retirement plan and slap on the wrist. Bad Mercenery — Bad!”

To them… of course they aren’t going to give Aid to a foreign Country without strings attached. What you think they are running a benevolent society??? Some sort of God worshiping society where they are goverened by commandments of peace and morality. No — you have the wrong America in mind.

Hey! Just a friendly reminder that the Corporation that made Agent Orange, is the same company that sprays all of our food 🙂 Also — are the company that predominantly make ‘non-GMO’ a thing… by being the main company to Genetically Modify your groceries. For nutritional benefits and to help — ahem “feed the poor/solve world famine” of course..

nono… NONONON.. nono… no…. NO… Genetically Modified to withstand higher dosages of Eco-Toxic Herbicides, so that the farmers can use more poison, with less risk to their over-head profits. Even though a fair market place that actually pays farmers for their worth, could also have the same effect. However… that is the price farmers pay, the Mob like Governments to turning a blind eye to the land rape they employ to generate such quantitative stock.

Hey just a nice reminder that the Australian Wheat Board — had such a great profit margin, they could play Politics:
“AWB could face terrorism-related charges amid claims some of its staff knew money being funnelled to Saddam Hussein’s government could have been funding atrocities against his own people. (2006)”


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