just a pointless analogy because all of the scum that need to hear it don’t know how to read things that do not appease them:

1. pretend for a moment you are facing a fight you do not want to be in — the person is just an aggressive asshole. they swing a punch and you elbow their knuckles. essentially they punched your elbow… and disabled themselves. if they are going to persue their intension to harm you, they now need to be more creative.

THIS… is essentially self-defense.

2. you are a Police Officer with a Gun… you come across someone who doesn’t have a lethal weapon, who doesn’t appease you. you live in a Police State, meaning that you can easily call for weaponized Public Servants to back you up (their last resort function/rights 😉 — nonetheless you choose to shoot the person six times in the back.

THIS… pretty much .. ISN’T… self-defense. EVEN… if you don’t like the person.

Just felt like clarifying this idea, because some how it seems to be lost on alot of people… who even bother going into details of the specific incidence — justifying “well… they could have been threatening/black”

No… those are called hate crimes… not acts of Self-Defense. Using lethal force to prosecute someone on the spot for J-Walking or… being alive… really isn’t a question of Law… or basic Human Rights… it is … Persecution, Prejudice and based on a history/jinn of racist bigotry.


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