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By: s2darkling

Dec 05 2014


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supposedly when chlorinated water is heated, say for a hot shower… it actually causes a weak form of ‘chloroform’ (hazardous)… perhaps this is why cold showers are so refreshing… they are as refreshing as a hot shower should be that isn’t fuming.

chlorine is added to drinking water to prevent bacterial outbreaks on a level that stops water plants from growing.

water plants? yeah I was being general, because instead of algae… i’m about to make the point that… chlorine inhibits the growth of plants. yep? you know the herb garden you are watering with the hose. that same water, those same plants … that are predominantly made of water.

this isn’t entirely bad… in the sense that… gardens often are made up of potplants. if a plant wasn’t inhibited, it would run out of soil rather quickly, or outgrow/break free potentially.

but yeh — there’s a thing

and flouride? read for yourself 🙂
it is a waste product of aluminium production. I actually just threw a bag of aluminium in my pool the other day as ‘flocking agent’. to make all the heavy particles settle to be vacuumed out. apparently flouride was used for this purpose at some point on an industrial scale (drinking water reservoirs).

of course like a plant in a new area… we adapt… and our bodies like plants, use not just ‘what they can’ (for their purposes of surviving and thriving). they invent uses — change what they do and evolve.

something that causes a mutation/expression of illness/mental disturbance is either at a very high dosage, or just very unstable/toxic.

for example… to think of ‘arsenic’ as deadly absolutely… is silly. any organic matter that burns releases it… of course toxic/unstable compounds play a part in organisms. why? some intended purpose. well no.. evolution is simply a theory of existence — coincidental/circumstantial. as in: organisms exist in an environment that is comprised of these substances, they have survived these substances, coping, adapting, utilizing them in various ways. for example… cells of our immune system, use hydrogen peroxide to help demolish other malicious/unwanted/defective ones.

humans are self absorbed… so something that in concentration kills us… is known absolutely as ‘toxic’ or ‘bad’ or ‘hazardous’… even though in harmonious existence, it has become quite crucial. to remove it suddenly from existence would probably kill you, because your body exists as it does, because of it as much as ‘beneficial/healthy/stable compounds’

these substances can be used negligently or abusively.. but someone can also throw a lump of gold at your head and kill you. or stab you with a sharf of ice — regardless of how pure the water is… the result is pretty much the same for salty water, acidic water, milk, soft drink. hence… it is circumstantial and coincidental, if you put intentions aside.

ideas have powerful outcomes and genetic ramifications/outcomes. I personally didn’t like the idea of looking down on people as a kid… which was an idea that occured to me, knowing that genetically I was related to tall/athletic persons. I engaged this idea at times I avoided eating… it was on my mind that I didn’t want to be too tall. any result will be consequential.. if repeated… my family lineage might become shorter.

there are then of course fail safes… such as the experiment with changing the color of a rose genetically to be white, not red. but then an anomally happens when a fail safe kicks in on one of the generations… and the rose reverts back to red.

anyway… this is why it is ‘interesting information’ rather than me stating some propoganda about how our water is contaminated ‘purposefully’. humans are haphazard. if you’re reading this on a device that uses WiFi.. you probably aren’t thinking about the fact that technology came about as a utility for its’ inventor to search for a theory of “tiny black-holes making up the universe”… which was not proven… so essentially it was a technology that was invented from nothing. does that mean it is for nothing? no because now we use it to find the internet ~P~ which is itself a blackhole… in certain myriad metaphorical ways.


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